Leftbrain is an innovative startup providing better business management to entertainers. Find out how we’re changing the game.


Entertainer Mobile App™ A single hub for all your finances

Know what you have.

See real-time bank and credit card accounts, financial runway, and net worth for both your personal and business finances.

See where your money goes

See net cash flow over a set date range and trends over time. Also see earnings and spend by category. Drill down to see the details of every expense.

Stay in the loop

The app unites all revenue streams in a single location. See open invoices and track which have been paid and which are still due.

Who we are

Leftbrain is the only full-service business management company that develops technology to empower entertainers and their teams to make strategic decisions. We are values driven and results oriented. Our tech is just the beginning. We’re about changing an industry to deliver value to entertainers — uncomplicating business management so you can focus on your art.


What we do

Leftbrain provides full-service business management through our in-house team of business managers, tour accountants, tax managers, and royalty geniuses.


Income & Expenses

We manage all your revenue and expenses, ensuring accuracy and transparency. 


Budgeting & Forecasting

We provide contract analysis, budgeting, and financial projections so you can understand the financial implications of every decision.


Cash & Credit Management

We help you get the best banking and credit solutions and secure financing for major purchases. 


Risk Management & Insurance

We partner with insurance brokers who are music industry experts to make sure you are protected from risk.


Taxes & Business Formation

We handle all things tax related — compliance, preparation, filing, business formation, and strategies to minimize tax obligations.



We create a comprehensive database of your entire catalog and ensure you’re collecting all you’re due from all royalty sources.

Get more of what you've earned

45 percent of an artist's compositions and master recordings are either unregistered or improperly registered. Through our Royalty Recovery Program, Leftbrain gets artists to 100 percent. In just a few months, we recovered more than $250K for a handful of clients in our beta test of the program.

Get a response in minutes, not days

70 percent of Leftbrain client text messages get a response in 15 minutes. More than half of emails get a response within an hour.

Get back to your art

Our expert team handles your day-to-day finances; our mobile app keeps you informed, which is why we earn a perfect 100 NPS (net promoter score) from our clients.


"Leftbrain provides a refreshing take on an antiquated industry. In the same way technology changed the way we listen to music, Leftbrain will change how musicians interact with and manage their money.”

Jenna Adler, CAA


“The transparency enabled by Leftbrain’s Entertainer Mobile App gives control to the artist that just wasn’t possible in traditional business management relationships."

Lindsay Unwin, SALXCO

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