Frequently Asked Questions

No. Any financial app is only as good as the data it receives from integrations and manual input. Leftbrain manages both, ensuring the app displays real-time, accurate financial data, enabling informed decision making and freeing up artists to focus on their art.

The minimum threshold to become a Leftbrain client is $500,000 in gross annual revenue. Exceptions are made on a case by case basis for artists who are close to or have a reasonable expectation of reaching that figure.

At Leftbrain, only your assigned business management team has access to your financial data.

Yes. You can choose how much access to grant to your manager or anyone else on your support team.

For entertainers earning over $1M in gross annual revenue, Leftbrain manages both business and personal finances at a rate of 5%. (We reduce our fees at a graduated schedule for all earnings over $4M.) For entertainers earning less than $1M in gross annual revenue, Leftbrain offers business-only services at a rate of 3.75%. (For business-only clients, we still handle personal tax returns.)

No, all Leftbrain clients have access to the mobile app regardless of income level or whether they are business-only or full-service clients.

Each client is assigned a primary business manager and assistant business manager, with whom they will have the primary communication. Also assigned to each client is an onboarding specialist, bookkeeper, and royalty expert. Everyone on a client’s team is available by call, text, or email. 

No. Leftbrain is bank agnostic. We encourage clients to use tech-forward banks with convenient locations but will work with any bank a client prefers. 

All assistant business managers either have or are on track to earn their CPA. All tax managers have their CPA.

Leftbrain’s Client Services team is located in Los Angeles and is available to meet in person or virtually.

Our bookkeepers receive and record bills in, where the assistant business manager reviews them for accuracy and validity before submitting to the client (or a member of their team) for final approval. Once approved, Leftbrain issues the payment on or before the due date.