April 8, 2021

Leftbrain appoints music industry and tech veterans to advisory board

The board brings decades of collective experience in the music and tech industries and will be instrumental in helping Leftbrain scale its technologies and reach a new generation of artists.

“We couldn’t have asked for a more talented and knowledgeable advisory board. They have their finger on the pulse of entertainment and technology and possess a profound empathy for entertainers,” says Nicholas Judd, Leftbrain CEO and cofounder.

The board will work directly with Leftbrain’s executive team to develop technologies that empower entertainers and their teams to make strategic, data-informed decisions so they can focus on their art while building generational wealth.

“Artists today expect a progressive organization that reflects the diversity of the industry and their values,” says Josh Kaplan, cofounder of Leftbrain and founder of 10Q Management. “With women comprising two thirds of the leadership, this board represents a critical shift in the future of business management.”  

Jenna Adler is a leading agent with Creative Artists Agency, where she has represented Green Day, Jennifer Lopez, and Avril Lavigne among many other household names in music for the past 25 years. In 2014, she was named to Billboard’s Women in Music list. 

“Leftbrain provides a refreshing take on an antiquated industry,” Adler says. 

“In the same way technology changed the way we listen to music, Leftbrain will change how musicians interact with and manage their money.” 

Lindsay Unwin is the Executive Vice President at SALXCO based in Beverly Hills, California. She leads a team of 25+ people to oversee a management roster of multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning artists, producers, and writers, including The Weeknd, Doja Cat and Bebe Rexha. Last year Lindsay was named to both Billboard’s 2020 Women in Music and 40 Under 40 Executive lists.  

Unwin says after referring several clients to Leftbrain, she thought, “Where has this been all my life?”

“The transparency enabled by Leftbrain’s Entertainer Mobile App gives control to the artist that just wasn’t possible in traditional business management relationships,” she says.

Michael Fineberg is the CTO at PerkSpot, a tech startup that promotes financial wellness and helps employers attract, engage, and retain top talent. Previously, he served as CEO at OpenMarkets and before that CTO at SurePayroll. 

“Business management is an untapped market for innovation. I’m eager to work with Leftbrain to drive financial transparency in the entertainment industry and empower entertainers to take ownership of their finances,” says Fineberg.

February 22, 2021

Leftbrain’s Nicholas Judd named to Billboard 2021 Top Business Managers list

Billboard magazine named Leftbrain’s Nicholas Judd to its 2021 Top Business Managers List. The annual list honors the top business managers in the entertainment industry.

“At Leftbrain, we’re redefining what business management can and should be.”

Judd’s innovative, tech-forward approach has made Leftbrain appealing to a new generation of artists.

“Business management has become stale with no real innovation in the last 30 plus years,” Judd says. “At Leftbrain, we’re redefining what business management can and should be.”

Leftbrain equips entertainers and their teams to make strategic, informed decisions by unifying and simplifying data from diverse sources in a mobile application.

Traditionally, financial data remained siloed in confusing, outdated statements or spread out over multiple online portals. This made it difficult for artists to see their current, overall financial picture in one place and understand how their actions affected their long-term goals.

“Leveraging technology to improve transparency for artists and building a culture around streamlined processes has proven invaluable."

The Leftbrain artist mobile app collates, simplifies, and visualizes data from diverse sources in a single location. Entertainers have access to real-time financial data right on their phone. This empowers them to have their fingers on the pulse of their finances and reinforces good financial habits.

“Leveraging technology to improve transparency for artists and building a culture around streamlined processes has proven invaluable,” Judd says. “Not a single one of our clients took out a non-forgivable loan with the SBA. And it allowed us to weather the downturn while continuing to grow our staff and client roster.”

During the pandemic, many business management firms downsized and abandoned smaller clients. In contrast, Leftbrain committed additional resources to its smaller clients.

In response to the pandemic, Leftbrain also placed a greater focus on ensuring its clients were collecting all royalties due to them. The company built a second proprietary technology that analyzes its clients’ meta-data and locates unclaimed or misallocated royalties.

In the first nine months of the pandemic, Leftbrain uncovered more than $250,000 of unclaimed or misallocated royalties for its clients.

"In 2020, as revenue from live touring halted, traditional recording sessions ceased and marketing meetings moved to Zoom, the roles of business managers became more crucial than ever," Billboard said in its announcement.

Going forward, Leftbrain will build on the existing capabilities of its mobile app to enable clients to see their entire net worth in one place and monitor it over time. It is also developing an Artist Manager web application and committing further development to its Royalty Tool.

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